Direct Search - Headhunting at Its Best - acctus Personalberatung
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Direct Search – Headhunting at Its Best

Direct Search

We have specialized in Direct Searches and are pleased with the many successes that we have been able to produce for our clients. Over the years we have developed methods that we use to identify talent that can’t be found through the classic channels. To do this, we work closely with you to create a detailed profile of the ideal candidate. These qualification criteria determine our search strategy. We enjoy the Direct Approach Method so much because it allows us to connect you with an employee who will contribute to your business’s success even when the market is tight.

Experts in All Channels – Identity 2.0

We complement our searches for the most qualified individuals by also considering social media profiles. In this way we can identify people outside of the defined target companies. Thus surprise candidates who may turn out to be ideal placements also enter the running.

Engagement and Dedication for All Clients

acctus stands by you with reliability and dedication regardless of the branch or level of seniority. Compassion and understanding are the basic principles guiding our work. The goal that we strive for? We want to increase your competitiveness!