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For Candidates

acctus – Opening Doors for Your Career

Welcome to acctus. Are you looking for a change in your career? Excellent. We open doors to your success. We’re happy to take time for you. We place high value on a personalized support and will serve as your discreet and trustworthy partner.

acctus stands by your side with reliability and dedication. Compassion and understanding are the basic principles guiding our work. The goal that we strive for? We want to support you to find a job that corresponds to your talents, a role that is perfect for you and that will bring you recognition and satisfaction.

How will you benefit? Our advisors know the vacancies that are not posted publicly and they have a clear understanding of the positions that need to be filled. Additionally, they have access to in-house information and ensure for smooth communication and prompt meeting times.

In our Job Portal, you can find the current vacancies that we’re seeking to fill with top talent for well-known companies. The companies bear the costs. So get on board.

The path to your dream job

Our services for your career opportunities

We do our best to find the ideal challenge for you.

On your way to a successful first interview

You’re important to us. If you are being considered for a vacancy, we invite you for an interview with us to explore whether your expectations and interests overlap with those of the company with the vacancy.

We keep your name on file.

Your information is saved and safe with us. As soon as you have trusted us with your data, we cross-check your profile with all of the future positions we have to fill. It goes without saying that we handle your data with the utmost discretion.

We move quickly for you.

We respond to your application within 2 working days. Open and honest feedback is in this respect particularly important. Feel free to call us.

You seize your new opportunity.

It worked and you’ve found your dream job with our help? Wonderful, now it’s up to you to write your own success story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Here we’ve provided answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Is my information handled confidentially?

At acctus, your data is in good hands. You can be certain that we will keep your data confidential without exception. For information that we are trusted with, an absolute obligation for confidentiality applies. Your materials are only forwarded to our clients with your express consent.

Are there any costs for me if I use your services as an applicant?

No, there are no costs.

Can I exclude an application at specific companies in advance?

Of course. Please just inform us of your restrictions and we will take them into account.

Can I choose which company/companies my information will be sent to?

Yes. You absolutely have a say in this regard. We will only forward your information after you have confirmed your interest.

Will I receive information as an applicant about which companies acctus is searching for?

No, initially it is not possible for us to disclose information about our clients. However, as part of a personal interview, we will share details about the position we are filling. If you are definitely interested in the specific position, you will be informed about the company. We will forward your materials only with your express consent.

After the conclusion of an unsuccessful application, will I be considered for other positions?

Yes, absolutely. The better we know your professional goals and strengths, the more concretely we can consider you for future vacancies.

What advantages to I have if acctus supports me with my job search? What does acctus offer?

The advantages are clear. As experts in the area of personnel consulting, acctus has excellent relationships to companies and has access to information and networks that are accessible to you as an applicant. We find placements for positions at different qualification levels that you would not find in a job advertisement via the regular channels. Instead of the customary job search marathon, you can apply one time with us. We take care of the everything from there. When a vacancy is tailored for you, we’ll make sure that you are prepared for your interview in a professional and goal-oriented way.

What happens if as part of my own ongoing job search I simultaneously apply to the same company in parallel?

Here you can save your time and energy. A double application does not make sense because we execute most of our placement contracts on an exclusive basis. An application directly with the company would in most cases be referred back to us.

How long does it take until I can expect to hear back from acctus regarding my application?

As a rule, we try to get back to you within five days. During the peak times for applications some delays may occur. In such cases we ask for your understanding. We strive to attend to your application as quickly as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain.

Find your dream job.