acctus - acctus Personalberatung
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You’re looking for employees? We deliver people with talent.

acctus Personalberatung GmbH was founded in 2004 by Mag. Birgit Polster and has its headquarters in Salzburg. The founder’s engaged approach has driven the independent company’s success.

For over a decade, the dynamic team at acctus has had resounding success in finding people who help companies achieve their goals. acctus serves numerous businesses in the German speaking area with a level of engagement that is a step above. acctus represents personalized, trustworthy cooperation.

“We are consultants with a passion for our jobs. And you notice that. With much engagement and creativity set all wheels in motion in order to find the most talented candidates and the best managers for our clients. We do this with sound expert knowledge, a bit of charm, and plenty of tact.” Mag. Birgit Polster

You will profit from our success. With a 97% success rate, we find the best for you.


We’re as interested as you are in the qualification criteria that you are seeking to fulfill and are committed to investing as much time and effort as necessary to ensure an optimal placement for you.

Promptness and Flexibility

We develop an efficient customized search strategy adapted to your specific needs based on the experience level and industry profile that your ideal candidate has. Then set all the wheels in motion to realize a successful placement promptly.

Sound Market Knowledge

Make use of our sound and specialized market knowledge that we have acquired through many years of hard work and dedication.

Valuable Communication and Transparency

As your partner for recruitment, we place a high value on a trustworthy exchange on an equal footing. Of course we’ll keep you updated during the search process.

Customized Mixed Methods Strategy

Based on a detailed profile of the ideal candidate, we develop the most efficient and effective recruitment strategy. Thus, we guarantee you a customized, high quality search through the best channels based on your needs.

Well-established Networking

The human factor is always the most consequential. You will profit from our contacts. We have been actively and enthusiastically networking for well over a decade.