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HR Consulting

We want to be a valuable contact for all of your HR questions and take our roll as comprehensive advisor seriously. You can count on our discretion, integrity, and professionalism.

In order to strengthen, develop, and, in hectic times, relieve employees and senior managers, we support our clients with their daily HR and management needs using practical and proven tools and methods.

Outsourcing of Recruitment Processes

  • We assume responsibility for the entire recruitment process in your name and therefore relieve your Personnel Department of this duty
  • We completely process the incoming applications take care of pre-selecting the CVs. This saves you valuable time.
  • Upon request, we conduct the first round of interviews at your location and make pre-selections. You can then choose from the most qualified candidates.
  • We support your Hiring Manager throughout the entire recruitment process and take responsibility for the entire administrative burden.

Identify Strengths, Make Decisions

  • We implement Assessment Centers & hearings to select the best candidates for you.
  • We utilize online-based strengths and potential analyses to identify candidates’ special talents.
  • We support you in determining the appropriate salary level.
  • To make your decision easier, we obtain references and control candidates’ certifications.
  • Because we want to strengthen your competitiveness, we analyze applicants on a candidate by candidate basis and based on the organizational fit.

Employer Branding Reality Check

  • Analysis of your market and social media presence
  • ob advertisement check – analysis focused on target audience, completeness, and optical layout of all your public job advertisements
  • Website Check – snapshot check focused on visibility on the internet (findability), functionality, and user friendliness of your Jobs and Careers page
  • Candidate experience – feedback to your contact and communication with your job applicants

Workshops & Trainings

  • Recruiting: We work with you to develop individualized recruitment processes and show you how to confidently conduct job interviews.
  • Interview trainings: You’ll learn how you can strategically conduct interviews. This training can be done individually or in teams.
  • Strengths analysis: We analyze your strengths and those of the entire team so that these can be used to the advantage of your company.
  • We show you how to conduct useful and valuable employee appraisals.
  • You’ll learn how you can use 360* Feedback Analysis to gain insights to help get your business ahead.